Product Certification

The Attraction Safety Department provides certification of amusement devices to industry standards to fulfil Pre-Use Inspection and Conformity Assessment. Typically reviews are in three stages: a Design Review, Assessment of Conformity to Design and Initial Test.

Design Review is the process used to demonstrate that an attraction complies with legislation, regulations and standards; and is therefore considered safe to operate. Many countries around the world now require new rides to be subject to an independent review. The Attraction Safety Department has delivered independent Design Review services to clients operating attractions in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia, and has developed a very good reputation through working with the certifying and licensing authorities around the world. The team were responsible for the Design Review of the world’s most famous observation wheel, The London Eye.

Assessment of Conformity to Design is a process where the ride or attraction is checked to ensure build quality compliance with a design that has been subject to Design Review. The Assessment of Conformity can be tailored to suit the particular requirements of the client and can include manufacturing audits and facilities inspections.

An Initial Test is undertaken once the ride is fully installed and commissioned and the purpose is to ensure that the ride functions as intended. This is usually made up of a number of different tests that measure and record performance rather than just a check of the ride function. A properly completed Initial Test will validate all of the ride safety control systems.

Project Example: Universal Studios Singapore;

The team acted in the role of Conformity Assessment Body for Universal Studios in Singapore. In this role, the assessment of conformity was completed in two discrete packages of work.  The first was a Manufacturing Audit, which included a visit to audit manufacture of the ride components and witness factory acceptance testing. The second was Testing and Inspection, which included a visual inspection of the attraction once installed and incorporated witnessing of the onsite commissioning by the manufacturer. The aim of this process is to ensure that the ride truly conforms to the design that has been reviewed.