Dynamic analysis

The team has developed specialised software, which can produce theoretical ride dynamic performance predictions for any ride or given track profile.

Thereafter using state-of the-art technology and sophisticated engineering solutions, the accelerations (g-forces) can be measured on the ride and compared to the theoretical results. The engineers use their expertise in this area of amusement attraction  engineering  to identify problems with track profiles and offer suitable engineering solutions to improve dynamic performance. In addition, the software can be used together with the team’s structural engineering expertise to undertake track design, and has been used in the development of rides such as Thunder Coaster (Tusenfryd, Norway) and Antelope (Gulliver’s World, UK).

Acceleration measurement is a useful tool in monitoring the ride dynamic performance as the ride ages; this is particularly useful on timber roller coasters. Dynamic performance measurement and analysis services can be incorporated into the Annual Inspections or as a stand-alone service.